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Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings Or Just Because You Feel Like Giving Someone An Amazing Gift!

 Surprise Gifts For Loved Ones.


Recently mentioned on the "Parenting Hell" podcast hosted by Rob Beckett and Josh Widdecombe. Thanks a lot guys!

Looking for a unique and unforgettable way to surprise your loved one on their special day? Look no further than our surprise radio show service!

With our surprise gift service, after gathering audio messages and song dedications from your loved ones and friends, we'll put together a personalized radio show just for them.  Adding our touch of humour and know how, making it a fun and entertaining experience for everyone involved.

Imagine the look on your loved one's face when they hear their favorite songs and hear heartfelt messages from the people they care about most. It's the perfect way to make their special occasion one they'll never forget. A truly unique gift that they will always treasure.

Don't settle for a boring birthday present this year. Let us help you create a truly special and memorable experience with our surprise gifts. Contact us today to learn more and start planning your surprise!


We used to do little radio shows for our friends and family years ago. They were a combination of music Rich liked playing with some small talk around it. It was fun to do and people enjoyed listening to it. We would play their messages live on air and people reacted to those messages. We very much enjoyed doing those shows and also invited friends to join us on the live broadcasts.
Once COVID hit the world we were locked down completely in Madrid (we only were able to leave for shopping) for a couple of months.

Rich worked as a DJ / Presenter for a big company doing daily shows for their delivery drivers while Nathalie continued teaching her infants through zoom.
We came up with the idea to do a live radio show for her school to keep students, parents and teachers motivated and to create a sense of togetherness. Children were not allowed to leave their house under any circumstances for 11 weeks and sending messages to each-other with their favourite tracks was such a cool way of having a bit of a break. Even parents sent messages and tracks to animate teachers or motivate each-other. It was loads of fun to do and the reactions were so overwhelming. We did two school shows and decided we’d had enough of the children's music (how often can you listen to “let it go” or “Baby shark”?).
From that, we started doing “Lockdown radio”, live shows for anybody who wanted to listen. It brought people together and made everyone forget that we were locked down. We played messages and tracks from many different countries and enjoyed the live reactions of our listeners. People kept asking for more shows (they even bribed us by sending Tequila to our house)

Once lockdown was over we decided to make a one off birthday show for a friend of ours, contacting his friends and family for contributions. That show was received with so much gratitude and love that we made a couple more shows for family and friends. Again the emotional reactions and gratefulness made us feel we were on to something valuable - unique gifts.
This is when we thought we could create this gift for people we don’t know as well and turn this idea into something bigger.

Lovely words from our recent giftee Simon.

Some lovely feedback for a 70th birthday show we recently did. Thanks Valenza!

"An amazing concept"

"Hey Rich and Nathalie!

I am messaging to tell you how completely I adored the birthday radio show you put together. 🎂

It was a truly touching and emotional journey through many years of friendship. I loved it.

I really enjoyed the links, and the way you delved into the anecdotes. It was so funny. You really added a lot of texture to it all. And I thought it was wonderfully curated, slipping from the piss taking mesages (many) to the more heartfelt ones with a lovely rhythm.

I expect everyone says this but there is such a surrealism to the inverted intimacy - normally when I listen to podcasts, I feel like I know the hosts, but we are totally anonymous to them… this was the other way around! It was a fascinating feeling to have.

I’ve only listened to it once so far but plan to dive back in regularly in the days ahead. It is something I will treasure"  Simon💜🙏🏻💜

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What Our Clients Say

"Rich and Nathalie where do I begin!

I can’t thank-you enough for your efforts, patience and excellent delivery of your radio show for my dads 80th birthday.

He was absolutely blown away by all the amazing messages. He laughed and cried (happy tears of course) throughout. For the man who has everything and didn’t want any presents it was perfect. To see his reaction as he listened was incredible, so many memories from so many lovely people.

I also had loads of laughs trying to get the messages from everyone and to top it all I’ve taught a whole new (old) generation how to record a voice note! 🤣

Thanks again, you were brilliant


"Hi Nathalie & Rich

You made me my own 40th birthday radio show last week and I wanted to message you to say thank you. Oh my god I was so so thrilled and honestly it was one of my favourite presents ever. Thank you so much for helping me feel all the love. Hearing all the kind words, memories and song choices was just incredible. I have listened to it 3 times already I love it.

I loved getting to know you both too, you are both so personable and I genuinely at the end wanted to go for a drink with you both.

Sarah is just an amazing friend, she is so bloody cool and I don’t know how she finds the best gifts ever yet she does.

I plan to do this for my family as everyone just lovedddd the idea. Thank you so so much you two rock!


An amazing concept and the best surprise gift I’ve received. When you live so far away from your family and friends, you do not get to speak that much to them so having an avenue for them to send such amazing messages and relive some of the fond and embarrassing memories was fantastic! I laughed hard, cried and never felt so much love. Awesome!! For the record, a lot of these stories were out of context so they seem worse than they are….. 😊


Nathalie and Rich were wonderful to work with; they were patient as I had to work across four countries and three time zones to get the messages to them. They then put on a wonderful show that had us all roaring with laughter and crying tears of joy! Thank you again, for making Ian’s 40th that much more special.


After hearing about this I thought it was a great idea. I got in touch with my partner's friends and family and then Nathalie & Rich went on to organise everything. They dealt with the messages, dedications and produced the show with jingles. It was really great to hear everything come together live. "My partner absolutely loved it. It's a really great present and lots of fun!"


Dear Nathalie & Rich, oh wauw! How I’ve enjoyed the show!!! Big shout out to you guys 👏🏻 whoohoo 🙌🏻🫶🏻
You are a truly talented duo
We really laughed out loud multiple times
Thank you sooooo much for putting together this document.


I gave my wife a Birthday show as a gift for her 50th. We listened to the show on her birthday. It was a 5 hour rollercoaster of emotions, a lot of laughter and sometimes a tear. We started with breakfast with our daughter before she had to go to school, and at 12.00h we continued listening to the rest of the show until 16.00h with some champagne and tapas. It was so great to see the surprise on Caroline’s face every time someone from the family or friends had a message, poem, sketch etc. Also the requests were a source of memory’s laughter and crying. What a memorable day we had listening to all that stuff, being presented by Rich and Natalie in a way that fits so seamless with the content that it makes it a perfect gift.


I can confirm this is THE BEST PRESENT EVER !! I gifted my husband a personalised radio show last Friday and these were his exact words to describe it. He's enjoyed listening to it a further 2 times over the weekend. 100% recommend!

Sandy Philips

"Last year on my birthday I was given a link to open and then I was told that I was about to listen to my own radio show. Behind the scenes my family and friends had been contacted and had recorded  audio messages and dedicated songs to me. Most friends live abroad and so it was very special to know we were spending the two hours together via radio. It made me quite emotional. "What a great idea and surprise!  Recommended"


"I was recently surprised on my 75th birthday when I was sent a link to a radio show dedicated to me. I was truly touched hearing birthday messages sent by family and some really old friends who I hadn't been in touch for years. There were some great anecdotes which provoked some lovely memories. "It was a very special experience which I totally recommend"


We were asked to participate in a family birthday show and given the opportunity to provide lots of old and new experiences and anecdotes on audio via whatsapp and thus participate in the show. To listen live and hear the show and other people's messages was really great. "I had never heard of something like this before. A great initiative, especially when you can't be all together"


Rich & Nathalie produced and broadcasted a radio show for my family and it was absolutely brilliant. They completely made it to fit to what I wanted with great improv during the show. They spoke in English, Dutch, German and Spanish.  It's great that you can listen back again afterwards with the mp3 copy. "A really unique experience and lots of fun"


Wow. We’ve just listened to the show. Thank you so much. I can’t believe how much work and effort you put into weaving all that stuff together, amazing. I wasn’t expecting anything close to that - it was incredible and Lil absolutely loved it. Will send you a photo of us listening to the finale on a beach in Cornwall shortly. Lil just said «Nathalie and Rich sound like a right laugh, we should defo go and stay with them in Madrid»!! And vice versa. Thank you so much again. It was lovely also to learn a bit about you guys.


"Hi Nathalie & Rich

You made me my own 40th birthday radio show last week and I wanted to message you to say thank you. Oh my god I was so so thrilled and honestly it was one of my favourite presents ever. Thank you so much for helping me feel all the love. Hearing all the kind words, memories and song choices was just incredible. I have listened to it 3 times already I love it.

I loved getting to know you both too, you are both so personable and I genuinely at the end wanted to go for a drink with you both.

Sarah is just an amazing friend, she is so bloody cool and I don’t know how she finds the best gifts ever yet she does.

I plan to do this for my family as everyone just lovedddd the idea. Thank you so so much you two rock!


Celebrate Together. However Near Or Far.


What better way to surpise a loved one or friend with their own, unique radio show. Audio messages and song dedications from people they know; however near or far.

No distance

A pre-recorded show can be listened to from anywhere in the world - at any time. If you can't be with the people you love, be together while listening.


Everyone has their own unique story and everyone's celebration is special - whether a birthday, anniversary, retirement or wedding. Share your anecdotes, special times and dedicate a song.

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2 Hours

*Also a great gift to give as a group and share the cost!

Do you have any questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Contact us with your desired date and your preferences. A Whatsapp group is created where you send all the messages, anecdotes and requests. (Participants are more responsive to a telephone number they know) Then we'll start pre production. A payment of 50% is required in advance.

How long will it take to receive?

Generally 2 weeks approx for pre recorded shows. Just to be sure we have all the mesages from people and to be able to deliver before the actual birthday.

How many participants are needed for a show?

For a duration of approx 2 hours, we would need 14 to 20 audio messages.

How do people record messages?

The most convenient way these days is by Whatsapp audio messages. You can record alone or in groups and send in a second.

Case Study

We were contacted by email by Elaine who lives in Singapore. She wanted to surprise her husband with a personalised radio show for his 40th birthday. She thought it was a great idea seeing that her husband had many old friends and family living miles away back in the UK.

We explained things via whatsapp to her and then created a whatsapp group where she would forward us all the audio messages, song dedications and anecdotes. Also supplying us with a photo of the giftee which we could use for the logo. Elaine went on to contact all of his friends and family and soon we started receiving audio messages and great stories. The response was great and after about two weeks we had loads of personalised material, ready to record the show.

After preparing all the messages, songs and anecdotes, we planned the show and did some pre production. We then proceeded to record the show adding personlised jingles with us presenting and adding humour.

Happy with the result and some final post production, the logo and mp3 file we emailed to Elaine.

One the day of his birthday he was asked to press play and spent over two hours being smothered in love on his special day. Although he was far from his loved ones, he was able to them with him on his birthday, through a show.

He had moments of laughter and tears and was extremely grateful. He thought it was a great idea and really original.

About Us

We are an Anglo/ Dutch couple living in Madrid. Rich has always had a passion for radio and has presented on different stations over the years as well as playing drums in a variety of bands and collecting music from a very young age. With an extensive knowledge of music, he has put on different parties  - spinning on the wheels of steel.

During lockdown he was presenting daily radio shows for the logistics department of DPD Belguim.

He also composes music and paints bespoke murals.

Nathalie is a Third Culture kid. She grew up living in Africa, Venezuela, India, Germany and Holland.

She's a great communicator with a witty sense of humour and no nonsense.

During the pandemic, we teamed up and started presenting shows for friends and family bringing people together for a bit of "social interaction".

We also produced some shows for the Dutch school in Madrid.

English, Dutch, German & Spanish spoken.

If you think you might be interested in this for a future gift, send us an email with the date of your loved one's birthday and we'll send you a friendly reminder nearer the day.